“The Most Important Month of my Life”

Throughout the short time my blog has existed online, I haven’t spoken about my main occupation, which has been in place for the last two years now – my life as an A Level student. I am currently a full time sixth form student who has been studying for my A Level examinations in three subjects, for the past two years and it has been the most stressful and hopefully rewarding experience of my life. I study philosophy and ethics, psychology and history and if all goes to plan I will be studying law and criminology at university, starting in September of this year.

Now I am nor will I ever be the best student, after achieving 11 A*-B grades in my GCSEs and spending two years in my sixth form, I am currently predicted BBB for my A Level Grades and I need ABB to get into university – therefore, I am not currently predicted to get the grades I need to get into university. I know teacher predictions aren’t meant to dictate how well I do in the three weeks I have left until my official A Levels start, but I have never been more scared in my life. I have always wanted to go to university and if I do not get the place I so badly want I honestly have no clue what I will do – this uncertainty terrifies me. To hopefully make this not a reality I have been studying possibly the hardest I have done in my whole life but as I lie in bed at night, I think to myself what have I learnt today in my revision? What if I open the official exam paper and I do not know how to answer the first question? What if I do not like the look of the 16 mark essay question which I have to do? ….

I am also so badly guilty of another “revision sin” – procrastination. At this very moment I should be completing my witchcraft history booklet or writing an essay about utilitarianism but I am writing this post instead. I know I am not the only student who does this, but I also think to myself, what if I hadn’t wasted that half an hour I spent writing a blog post and I spent it revising the working memory model so I can now answer this question confidently in the exam rather than make an educated guess? My whole life people, including my family and friends, have said you will be fine in your exams, you work so hard…but what if they’re wrong? People all around me, have always had high expectations of me and luckily, I have always met them (i.e. getting into my Grammar school and getting good grades in my GCSEs), but what if this time I am not so lucky?

Now I know these thoughts are all normal and every student has this, but what if they really come true? My first exam is in 5 days so I guess we’ll see how we get on, I’m a firm believer in what’ll be will be and everything happens for a reason, so whatever happens in these next four weeks, I’ll be okay. As to not make this blog post all doom and gloom to read, I will share what my mum has been telling me the past few days – “that these exams are just small indication for the rest of all life and your next step towards a life adventure as a young adult”…

Good luck to everyone else taking A Level Exams

We Got This



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