Long Time No See !

I can’t believe its been a month since I last blogged and quite honestly I have missed blogging and wanted to get my blog back on track, as I would like this to serve as perhaps a portfolio for journalism in the future as well as light entertainment here and there also, since I love writing.

So, where have I been the last month…. quite honestly, I’ve been very busy. I had my A Level exams in June so I was studying very hard for them as well as not being in the state of mind to blog since revision was hectic and heavy. When my exams finished, I have quite simply been enjoying my summer and just chilling out, since its been a long time since I had some time to myself. In July I had my sixth form prom as well as seeing friends and family here and there too so quite simply, I’ve been very busy!

However, in August I would love to blog more as quite simply I am doing a lot which I could write about on here including a trip to Paris, two festivals and my experience with A Levels, results day (17th August, DREADING it!!) and (hopefully) getting into university. I have also been very interested in supernatural stories so maybe I could do a writing piece on them as well as a television series update, as I have had a lot of time on my hands in July! Also, I would love to get back into writing about true crime cases as it is a passion of mine and my end goal in life is to work for a newspaper or news television, so writing about topics in the news would maybe help me practise for later.

Lets hope I stick to blogging this month!



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