Abnormalities in human nature has always fascinated me. From alluring mysteries to human psychology I’ve never been a documentary or a news article away from these captivating topics and thus my passion has grown over time. Now, at 18 years old I hope one day to work in the criminal field – whether be an analysist or a reporter.

This blog is dedicated mainly to my love for true crime and the extraoordinaties in human behaviours but will include posts about my personal life here and there too as I’m an self-claimed music/film/TV show addict. Even though my blog may not be for the faint-hearted, I promise to provide an array of facts as well as my own opinion when appropriate without any disrespect (I hope!).

I currently reside in Wiltshire, UK, with my family and two cats called Misty and Teddy. Like any stereotypical teenage girl I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with my friends and binge-watching Netflix to procrastinate the responsibilities of being a new adult.

So, make a cup of coffee, have a read of my posts and enjoy !

Jess x 🙂